Sleep, Wondrous Sleep

Today, I did not do much. In fact, I spent a lot of time sleeping. Boy did it ever feel great. I think that being able to take more than one nap per day is one of the great perks of visits from grandparents. Every time either my own or Sabs’ parents come to visit we get to do things that we don’t usually get to do. Go to a movie. Amble down the street hand in hand and go for a meal just the two of us. Take naps.

For my first nap today, I napped with Vic, for a respectable two hours. My second nap took place after he woke up, ready and raring to go. He hopped off the bed and was whining for me to come with him. Instead, Sabs scooped him up and he and my mother-in-law took him off to play at the park. I slept for another blissful hour and a half, uninterrupted, without getting kicked in the face. It’s possible that only other parents of small children will understand why this is such heavenly bliss.

In between naps, I heard Sabs and his mother talking about what I’d want for Christmas. Sabs laughed and quipped “a vacation”. He’s right about that, a real vacation would be lovely. However, I don’t really care if I get anything else for Christmas. Those beautiful hours of sleep were exactly what I needed to help me get over this coughing bug, the best gift I could get this holiday season – the gift of rest.