Fire in the Lungs

So much for getting a lot of sleep and getting better. Despite the long nap yesterday and much time spent on the couch watching the new Battlestar Galactica, I’ve gotten worse. This could probably be partly attributed to the fact that the nice long nap I took with Victor meant that he woke up at 2am ready and raring to go and would.not.settle.down until around 5am. So while I got lots of rest yesterday, I still wound up losing sleep and woke up alternately hot and cold as Victor pulled the covers off me trying to get me to wake up.

Today, my lungs feel like they are the smoldering embers of a fire, when I cough, the fire springs to life briefly, searing sensitive pulmonary and throat tissues before subsiding. Until the next spasm of hacking and wheezing sends the fire in my lungs a-raging again.

One bright spot in all of this nastiness, is that N., bless her soul, came and picked Victor up just after 1pm and isn’t returning him until 6ish. I’ve had two naps so far on the couch, drunk lots of tea and since he’ll have gone out to play with her girls, he should (fingers crossed) sleep through the night tonight after being tired out properly. I haven’t slept so poorly since Vic was a newborn and it’s amly evident just how poor of an effect lack of sleep has on my immune system. Moreso than ever, I NEED some solid sleep to let my body fight this illness.

There’s another bright spot here though – since I’m still breastfeeding, Vic has resisted any form of this infection so far. I’m very hopeful that he won’t get it at all.

In the meantime, it’s back to the couch for me, and more attempts to quench the pain with chamomile and lemon honey tea.