Couch and Tea Day

Unfortunately, Victor did not oblige me by sleeping well last night. He fell asleep at his usual time, but when I moved him into the bed, he woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I was already feeling pretty croaky yesterday but was hoping that a full night’s sleep would help to stave off the worst of this bug. Instead I think I got maybe 4 hours of interrupted sleep and my lungs feel like they have a rubber band around them, slowly tightening.

I’m still hoping that my case won’t be as bad as Sabs’ or the two co-workers that I know of who’ve had this. I was so sure I’d already fought this bug off, but it’s possible that Sabs mutated it and passed it back to me. I’m still holding out hope that I did actually fight this off and that the antibodies I already have will help me to fight this off without it getting too bad.

In the meantime, I have to concentrate in order to breathe properly without having a massive coughing fit. I hate this kind of illness where you’re actually fairly lucid, but various things that are usually subconscious activities become difficult or painful. In some ways, it’s almost easier to get through something when you’re half-unconscious with a fever. You sort of miss out on the worst of the pain that way. When you’re this clear-headed though, the awareness of the pain is one of the worst parts and unlike labor, which is pretty darn painful, there’s no wash of happy hormones and a cute baby to cuddle afterwards.

Okay, that’s not quite true in my case. There’s a cute baby to cuddle here, but he seems to be a in pretty foul mood himself and is wandering around the apartment crying. We’ve tried cuddling, snuggling, providing food, milk, water and he’s still wandering around aimlessly fussing. I suspect teething issues. I also suspect that some infant Tylenol is in my child’s future.

Today will probably be a couch and tea day. I see myself curled up with a quilt and my kid, a pot of tea and an endless string of mindless TV, or just the clouds flying by the window outside while I rest and try to get better.