Cold and Damp

The rain continues. Today we have a bona fide pouring rain shower going on. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem for me generally, except that I still haven’t found my raincoat, Vic refuses to keep the cover on his stroller and Sabs is sick so I had to drop Vic off at daycare this morning. I did have an umbrella, but we both still got pretty wet before we got to N.’s house.

I’m debating trying to find a different style of stroller cover for Vic during lunch so that he’ll stay drier on the way home tonight. I’m also debating stopping by at the marine supply store next door and buying a real raincoat. I’m just tired of getting wet in the morning and being damp all day. It’s an icky feeling. At least the hot chocolate from the café downstairs is warm and the pastry I bought with it tasty. They’re slowly helping to improve my disposition after a rather nasty start to the day.

Poor Sabs has fallen victim to the bug that I fought off so handily. We’re both hoping it’s not the killer flu that’s been going around. Unlike my case with the bug, where I just got a pretty bad sore throat for a couple of days and a threat of a cough and cold that never materialized, Sabs went straight from tickle in the throat sometime yesterday to needle-sharp cough over the course of just a few hours. He was in rotten shape when he came in the door last night – hacking, coughing, tired and consequently in a foul mood to boot. I made him tea with honey and that along with some Nyquil caplets seemed to help him get through most of the night. He woke up coughing harder than ever though around 5am which doesn’t bode well for the two-day internship he was supposed to start today at a local restaurant. He also didn’t feel up to wrangling Vic, so it was up to me to bring the munchkin over to N.’s place and try to get to work on time.

Unfortunately, there was a huge BART delay this morning on top of everything else, so getting to work even remotely close to 8am was not in the cards for me. I did make it in before 9, but I’m generally feeling growly, grumpy and put out that I didn’t get in on time, will probably have to stay until 5 and will have to pay extra on top of the extra I already paid for Vic’s care today because I will have to pick him up late.

I had other things I’d planned to write about today, something more uplifting and thoughtful than my grousing, but none of that is occupying my mind space at the moment, so maybe I’ll come back and write something else later that’s a bit more chipper.