Voice Box

I croak when I try to speak today. The swelling in my throat has increased such that my voice is just about lost. I was trying to sing Vic to sleep last night and instead of the mellifluous sounds of “The Rainbow Connection” he got something like this:

w-HY are the-wheeze-re so ma-croak-ny

sohns a-bhout rainb-wheeze-ows

ah-nd wh-honk-at’s on the —er si–e

The blanks are where my voice dropped out completely after all that croaking, honking and wheezing. I’m trying to stay mostly quiet today as a result and I’m continuing my treatment of wrapping my throat up in a scarf and drinking warm peppermint-spearmint-hibiscus-chamomile tea. I only wish there was honey in the office. Honey would feel so nice on my poor inflamed throat tissues.

On the up side, other than some post-nasal drip induced coughing, the infection hasn’t decided to head south into my lungs and the tightening in my sinuses has eased. I’m going to chalk up my continue ability to fight this off to a good solid night’s sleep last night. I had to literally wrestle Victor into bed and prevent him from getting out of bed once he was there last night, but he went to sleep at a decent time and except for a brief waking when Sabs woke him as he got into bed, he slept a good solid 9 hours and I got my solid 8. I really need good sleep in order to stay healthy, my entire system depends on it.

Despite the presence of phlegm in my life right now, my sense of smell hasn’t been affected yet, which made for a pleasant surprise this morning when I walked into the lobby of our office building. Yesterday the facilities crew were hard at work putting up festive decorations. Today, the end result of their hard work is ready for all to enjoy in the form of gay lights and a Christmas tree. The lobby is full of the sweet scent of pine, taking me back to holiday seasons of yore.

I love the Christmas season, with or without my voice, though with is definitely better for singing carols.