Sheets of Rain

Sheets of rain are pouring down, turning the skies leaden and gray, washing away the carpets of red and gold leaves, leaving behind shimmering wet cement. My throat is scratchy and slightly swollen, my sinuses feel like they’ve puffed up with small amounts of cotton, so I’ve been hiding behind a scarf, hat and warm jacket to keep them from sliding down the long slope into a full-blown cold rather than the proto-infection I seem to be battling with.

Fatigue is burning behind my eyes, it was another rough night with Victor last night. He wouldn’t go to sleep all day long – I had to walk him around in the sling to get him to take his afternoon nap, the two of us snuggled up in warm clothes, me carrying the umbrella, him tipping his head back to look at the pattern reflecting through it, listening to the raindrops patter down on its surface. At bedtime, he showed all signs of being tired and sleepy, he curled up to nurse down and was well on his way to being asleep when some signal inside his brain sent him back into full alertness. He was hyperactive, a live wire running around the apartment looking for just one more thing to do before finally giving in to sleep.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving behind a legacy of good food, much rest and a thorough Fall cleaning. While last night was short on sleep for us all, the previous three days were good rest days, including one spent in full couch-potato mode by all. Holidays are wonderful things, even when they can’t be spent in the welcoming arms of family. Our turkey was good, the cranberry sauce excellent and the sweet potatoes a fitting accompaniment, all put together at Sean’s house.

My pie failed miserably – the poor thing suffered from flour gone past its prime and the crust was terribly bitter as a result. Somehow the insides didn’t cook long enough either and never really sauced down, so the fruit still had some tooth to it. Crunch it went when I bit into it instead of smoosh. The filling tasted good to me, but the commentary from the other adults was that it wasn’t sweet enough. Still it was a nice day to spend hanging out and cooking with a friend and a good movie in the DVD player. On the phone, it sounded as if things were much the same at my parents’ house – much joy, laughter and the same movie (The Two Towers) to share.

Today I braved the rain again to come to work and my thoughts are already turning to the next holiday at the end of this month. There are a few small parcels hidden away in my closet for Victor, but I am in something of a quandary about what to make or buy for my family. The budget is tight, my days off are few and my sewing machine is still buried in a pile six boxes deep of sundries and sewing supplies.

It’s been unusually cold in these here parts of late and I keep eyeing the sheets of rain and wishing they’d magically turn into a light dusting of snow. It would do much to lift my spirits right now, suffering as they are under a bit of despond over the fact that we won’t be able to travel to visit with family for the holidays this year.