Sometimes, I feel as if I’m living in a bubble. The walls of the bubble are made up of my job, my duties to my family and my own interests. Things that aren’t directly related to these aspects of my life don’t tend to make it into my circle of consciousness. I guess this is a roundabout way of saying that I haven’t been paying much attention lately to things outside of my immediate day-to-day tasks.

I haven’t been reading the paper, I haven’t been watching the news, I am generally, pretty disconnected from what’s going on in the world right now. This is how I missed the tragic events of February 1. The only reason I found out about the explosion of the shuttlecraft Columbia was because my father-in-law is in town and when he turned up on Saturday morning, he had the paper and gravely announced the news.

The explosion makes me feel terribly sad. I remember how exciting it was to learn about Columbia way back when Russell did his school report on the first shuttle. In those days, I was interested in everything space-travel related and was eager for space stations and traveling to other planets to become a reality. Then, I was sure that we’d at least have made it to Mars within my lifetime. Now I’m not so sure. Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. If I had the slightest talent for math and piloting I’d probably still aspire to it. Instead, I hope that others will continue to have the courage to “go where no one has gone before” despite the risks and tragedies.

I think we need the wonder that comes with space travel to help keep us looking outside our bubbles.

Inside the bubble, I am very grateful for a gift from my father-in-law: a brand new solid wooden dresser with 5 drawers. We went looking at them on Saturday and we put one on hold with the idea that we might be able to pay for it in a couple of weeks, when J-L offered to pay for it.

Huzzah for space to put clothing! Huzzah for space to tuck Vic’s things away at last! Now I can finally fold up the co-sleeper which has been doing duty as storage space for all of Vic’s toys, clothes and other supplies instead of as a sleeping space or changing table, which is what it was originally intended for.

Hopefully this will clear out the middle of our bedroom once and for all so that it is navigable in a useful way.

In less optimistic news from inside the bubble, I went to see my doctor today about the eczema on my hands that is alternately itching like crazy or cracking and leaving painful raw spots. She gave me a prescription for an anti-bacterial cream to clear up the raw spots which are infected and a prescription for Protopic which is like that Elidel stuff that’s been advertised for lately on TV, but stronger. I know the Protopic works, because my mother gave me a trial-sized tube over Thanksgiving as well as several samples of Elidel. The Elidel mostly worked but never quite got my skin back to normal while the Protopic did.

Unfortunately I ran out, and the condition flared up again and quite dramatically at that, hence my visit to the doctor. Even more unfortunately, my insurance does not cover Protopic so when I went to fill the Rx this afternoon, I was not able to pick it up. I have to wait for the pharmacy to call the doctor and then have the doctor call Healthnet to get an authorization, because without some form of coverage, this cream costs 75 dollars. That’s right. One smallish tube of anti-eczema cream costs, let me say it again 75 dollars. Needless to say, I don’t really have $75 to spare at the moment. If the cost were between $30 and $50, I might be able to justify paying for the cream without coverage, just suck it up. But I can’t find it in our budget right now to suck up $75. So I’m waiting for the health insurance process to work and keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to scratch.

4 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. Beth, it’s crazy, Ed has had the same exact problems with eczema medications…one kind won’t *really* work and the other isn’t covered. It’s really ridiculous. I have a long, boring, stupid story about how we played red-tape games trying to get them to pay for the one that worked!

  2. Ouch! I’m sorry you guys have had similar problems Aimee. Healthcare limitations drive me bonkers. Heh. And I work for healthcare. *ahem*

  3. Can you see if your doc has free samples? Protopic’s still patented, so they should have some tubes of the stuff lying around…

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