Nest Egg and Bills

I’m feeling much better today than I did when I left yesterday evening. There’s nothing quite like getting a full 7 hours of sleep to help clear the cobwebs and a nice relaxing time spent reading a book in bed with your family to put things back into perspective.

My activity of choice to take care of during my first pumping session therefore, was to go through the e-bills and various financial accounts to get my head wrapped around our finances for the upcoming month and get everything updated.

I’m quite pleased because for the first time since Thanksgiving, it seems as if everything is finally current there are no lurking leftover balances on the charge card, no forgotten electric bills and all deposits have come through so I actually have a full picture of current financial landscape.

Through a combination of good fortune on our tax return and Sabs working his butt off last month, we are actually finally, in pretty good shape. The tax return money took care of a number of lurking things and there was still some leftover to spare. The end result is that I can put away nearly all of Sabs’ very large contracting check into savings. The nest egg I’ve been longing for is finally acheived. Just a few more paychecks and we’ll actually have an entire month’s worth of budget in the bank.

There’s still a lot of work for us to do to build things up, but the foundation has been laid, and I swear, I am never going back to living hand-to-mouth again. I’m setting up an automatic transfer again to routinely put $100.00 of my paycheck into the savings account, a practice that I didn’t really want to abandon in the first place, but was forced to by circumstances. This may not seem like much, but the way I see it, slow growth is better than no growth.

We have to continue to be careful, avoid going out, treat ourselves only rarely, but things are definitely looking up, especially if Sabs has another few good months with this contract. I don’t expect him to earn quite as much as he did last month, but he’s definitely pulling in more than just his retainer fee for the most part. Because we have this savings cushion now, and have rearranged some of our bills yet again — we’re abandoning AT&T in favor of The Neighborhood in order to reduce our phone bills — we’re actually hanging in there.

In a few more months, Fate willing, we might actually be able to move wherever we want to move to.

That’s a good feeling.