I want to write a nice long update, but this week has basically fried my brain and tomorrow I have to do our taxes.

So this is going to be a disjointed laundry-list type entry which I hope will help me to remember everything that I need to touch on before the brain fry cooks it away.

1. Sabs did not get the job. This is kind of a downer, but at the same time, now I don’t have to worry about looking at daycares for the moment.

2. We’re seriously looking into moving to San Mateo (that’s across the Bay, just south of SF for all you non-locals) so Sabs can be closer to the job he DOES have (that contract dealie he can do mostly from home). My company is also moving in the summer and San Mateo could be more convenient for me too, since our new office location will be RIGHT across the street from the CalTrain station and it’s only a 25 minute ride from that station to San Mateo.

3. We looked at an apartment in Burlingame (2 miles from San Mateo) that we liked last night. It rented to someone else by this morning.

4. We spent a really nice evening and day in San Mateo though. We walked around, had Mexican for breakfast, (Mexican hot chocolate … oh.my.god. yum), got Sean his coffee, chilled out, went to lunch/dinner at a local greasy spoon and then took the long bus ride home that took pretty much 2 hours even.

5. A guy quit at work suddenly. Sabs could so totally do his job. So I put in his resume.

6. I have a project at work that has been kicking my butt in a “one problem leading to another” sort of way. It’s a long and complicated story. Suffice to say, that in order to get something to work on our webmail system, and make my life easier because I was having trouble coding said something, we decided to implement a product to do what I was having trouble coding. Now we’ve found that the product has other problems that make it unwise for us to implement it, so we’re back to me coding on the webmail system. Except that I’ve taken a cue from the product we were looking at, and this time I think it’ll work. I’m kicking myself for not thinking enough outside the box on this one. *sigh*

7. Vic is doing peachily. His teeth could show up any day now. In the meantime, he’s crawling and pulling himself up onto things and doing some rudimentary furniture cruising.

8. I’m re-reading Gibbon’s Decline and Fall by Sheri Tepper. I’d forgotten how much I liked it. It’s a different read for me this time around as a mom. But I’m really enjoying it.

9. On the way home from BART tonight, Sabs and I had an interesting conversation about biological clocks, when mine started ticking and whether or not it’s ticking now. The answers to those questions: around age 26 is when it started seriously ticking. It is not ticking now. Something about you know, being a mom to an 8 month old and all that. I do want to have at least one more baby eventually, but the clock’s quiet for now. That conversation led off into some other interesting tangents. It was a good talk.

There was more, but it’s already fried.
I think I’m going to have a glass of juice and some yogurt and go curl up in bed with my book and my baby.