Sleepless and B&B update and a News Flash

Vic’s having sleep issues lately, which means that so am I. I think I’ve slept a grand total of 8 hours in the last 72. While I know I’m really really tired, the happy little breastfeeding hormones are preserving me from the worst of the icky tired feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely wiped and my brain isn’t functioning normally, but it just doesn’t feel as bad as it usually would. Prolactin is a wonderful hormone.

We’re trying a couple of different things to help Vic sleep better. It’s apparently normal for babies his age to experience sleep disruptions due to the fact that their little brains are developing at a rapid rate. Even though it’s normal, we’d still like to make sure he’s getting plenty of rest because rest is something growing babies and tired parents need. So far what we’ve tried has helped a little. He slept better last night than he did the night before, unfortunately I started having trouble sleeping despite being exhausted. Sometimes that happens to me — I’m so tired that I can’t sleep. It sucks.


On the B&B front, we’ve had the first of many “Pick a Place” conversations and narrowed down the options at least this much: NorthWest or NorthEast regions. On the short list so far:


  • Stay put and try it out in the Bay Area
  • Shift north to the Napa Valley — wine country and B&Bs seem like a winning combination
  • Oregon. Low cost-of-living and potential to cater to the outdoorsy clientele
  • Washington State. Ditto above.


  • Vermont. I’m liking Burlington a lot for its proximity to a university as well as a cooking academy and round-the-year outdoor activities.
  • Up State NY. Perhaps the Great Lakes region of NY. I spent a week up there camping once and it’s beautiful and draws the summer vacation crowd for fishing and hiking.
  • Williamsburg, VA. We loved visiting Williamsburg when we lived in VA. Running a colonial-themed B&B could be a lot of fun. The area is a draw year-round due to relatively temperate weather and the historic sites as well as being a college town.
  • Shenandoah Valley. The area seems to boast a lot of getaway spots that are located between the W. VA mountains and DC. Worth investigating, because the land out there is beautiful and has potential for year-round clientele.

Some other places to consider that aren’t the short list yet ‘cos we haven’t talked about them: Bucks County PA, the Connecticut shoreline, Maine, Western MA (the 5-college area has a pretty consistent need for lodging due to the 5 colleges), New Hampshire and Maryland, either the shore or around DC.

I also fielded our ideas to my Dad who promptly stated that the B&B “craze” is over and it’s not worth it, so opening a restaurant would be more worthwhile. I’m not sure if he’s right or not, but then again, we weren’t approaching this with the idea of taking advantage of a fad. I was under the impression that the B&B has actually gotten a good foothold in this country as being a viable alternative to the standard hotel experience and that’s what we’re interested in providing.

At the same time, I can see his point about it potentially being a good second income, vs. a full-time income with which to support a family. My research so far points to the fact that you need to run a large B&B which is basically a small inn at that point, in order to be a viable full-time business that can support a family. A place like the Rose Garden Inn, for example, where my parents stayed when they came to visit us here. There are 40 rooms at the Inn and they only provide breakfast and tea in a beautiful historic garden setting. That’s the kind of place we’re aiming to open up — maybe not quite as big, but not a 2-guest-bedroom B&B either.

The only drawback with that is that it involves a much heftier business loan and more overhead for preparation. We’ll see. We still have to decide on a shorter list of places. Once we have that list, then I can start looking at the real estate markets in those locations as well as acting on Melissa’s tip about looking for a B&B that is for sale already. If we can find something of the appropriate size in the location that we want, that may be a good shortcut for us.

In the meantime, there’s no reason why we can’t act on another suggestion from my Dad, which was actually something we’ve talked about before: our web solutions business. Dad seems to think that a lot of places are going to need web support and re-design services in the not-so-distant future and at much cheaper prices than before. He thinks that companies aren’t going to be able to afford the big guns anymore in the slower economy and small businesses like ours could see a surge in business as a result.

Rather than abandoning the B&B idea in favor of the Web business, I think that these are businesses that we could run side-by-side, especially if the Web stuff is primarily design-oriented. I could field Web clients while Sabs takes care of the primary innkeeper duties. Both businesses could be run from “home” so we’d also both be around for Vic.

It’s still a lot of hard work, but it could all be very very worth it in the end.

News Flash: 16:03pm

Sabs just got a call a little while ago about one of the resumes he put out a couple of months ago.
He has an interview at the University on Friday morning!!!!! Huzzah!!!