Found Money

All of my life pretty much, I seem to have been blessed with one particular type of luck. It happens frequently enough that I can call it recurring, but not so much so that I can say it happens often. It’s also random, of course, striking out of the blue, or the green rather.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been very adept at finding money on the ground, be it coins or bills. I don’t exactly go around looking for money on the ground, but I think I have a habit of watching where I’m putting my feet, so things that are on the ground catch my attention more readily than things up higher. I usually find small amounts of cash — nickels, dimes, quarters, the odd dollar bill. Once I scored the big time and found a 100-dollar bill folded up in four lengethwise in a parking lot. Today I found eleven dollars, a 10-dollar bill and a single floating along on the sidewalk by the foundation of the building next to my office building.

Given that I had a really rotten evening yesterday where nothing went right for me, and I’d just cashed in my week’s lottery ticket with two winning numbers for a total of two dollars, I think it’s safe to say that today is a lucky day. I’ve made thirteen dollars so far without really trying! I did ask a few people who were on the street about the floating eleven, but no one had lost any cash, so I felt pretty okay about pocketing it. It’s a busy street and anyone could have dropped it. I feel bad for the person who probably just lost their lunch money, but I don’t really have a good way of getting the cash back to the owner. Hopefully it’ll work itself out karmically: I lost my $42 BART pass on Friday, whomever finds that will save $42 on something and maybe somehow they’re connected to the person who just lost the $11 that’s currently lining my wallet and it’ll get back that way.

I’ll just be glad, because now I have lunch money for the rest of the week and I don’t have to make a new withdrawal from our rather sad looking bank account. I ran some numbers today based on guidelines on a web site that helps to calculate whether or not it’s worth it to stay home when you have kids or if your cost of work is so high that you may as well not work. Taking out taxes, commuting costs, and getting lunch every week, I actually only take home about $44K of my salary, or just over half of it. That’s a pretty sobering thought. I’ll take my found money when fate is so kind as to blow it my way thank you.