How I Rang in the New

Illness and fatigue conspired to knock Sabs out around 9:30pm last night, leaving me to ring in the New Year on my own. This was something of a throw-back to New Year’s 2000 when Sabs was flat on his back in bed with 104 of fever while I sat on the couch to watch the ball drop.

This time I wasn’t actually alone though. I was curled up with my baby boy, snug as a bug in a rug all wrapped up in quilts with Dick Clark and VH-1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders (on the commercial breaks) on the tv.

I could hear the fireworks going off across the Bay over the Embarcadero even as they exploded into brilliance on my screen and a hint of the old excitement managed to trickle into my heart. Watching Vic sleep in my arms, little rosy cheeks and red hair and chubby arms and all, I couldn’t help but smile and think to myself that I’m a lucky mama.

There are plans afoot in our household, rather serious ones at that, but I’m waiting until we’re both healed of this virus before I write anything about them. There are several big conversations that have to happen first, and a heck of a lot of planning before we commit to a course of action. Let’s just say that there’s a long-held dream of ours that we may just start moving toward making into a reality. We haven’t got all that much to lose at this point, and a lot to gain by giving it a try. I’ll write more in detail about this as things move along — for now, it’s just a seed, not even a bud of an idea, something to work on throughout the course of this new year.