Into the Woods

Back at work today, which involved working my way through most of the last spreadsheet of new users to add to the website and getting set up for some testing of an application with Javier. I’m learning more about Lotus Notes and Notes administration than I ever thought I would. In other words, it hasn’t really been a very exciting working day, but at least I learned something new.

It’s a raw, rainy day out there with lowering gray clouds. Perhaps fittingly depressing given my mood and the fact that most of us would rather still be on holiday. The office is pretty quiet, a lot of people are still out on vacation and those of us who are in the office seem pretty dazed about being here. A goodly percentage seem to be recovering from some form of cold or flu, so I’m not the only one who spent her vacation sniffling and coughing.

Yesterday, Roni and Lisa came over to play with Vic and hang out again. We watched Into the Woods and Labyrinth both movies about journeying through a strange place and coming out the other end quite different, now that I think about it. This was the first time that I’d seen Into the Woods — it was very amusing, for the first act and a smidgen of the second, then it got quite dark and depressing. I could do quite well without the second act in fact. The story seemed well enough ended and amusing after the first. No need to go killing off my favorite character in a rather abrupt and seemingly random fashion. Pish.

As for Labyrinth while the film will always be near and dear to my heart, I find that I have less and less patience with Sarah’s plight and attitude the older I get. When I was a teenager, I identified fiercely with her, being a rather daydreamish sort myself. Now, not so much. All that remains really is the love of fantasy stories and a pronounced liking for long, swirly romantic gowns. What I like most about the film now, are David Bowie’s swaggering performance as Jareth and the dozens of one-liners from the script that have crept into my daily speech. For example, I teasingly refer to Vic as “Prince of the Land of Stench” when he’s filled up a poopy diaper.

At any rate, I feel like I’m in the woods today, mucking through tangling vines until it’s time to go home again. Code and webpages and graphics are my dragons, solutions to the problems of others are my quest, aha, have at thee with my mighty coding fingers of doom and sharp wit!


Perhaps tonight’s entertainment should be something more educational, from say, the Discovery channel.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. But the second act of Into the Woods is what makes it such an awesome play! Otherwise it’d just be one more cheesy fairy tale. And Steven Sondheim does dark and disturbed *so* well!

    I like your new layout, by the way. Pretty!

  2. See, I don’t agree. The beginning of the second act is funny and fits well with the satirical bent of the play.

    The rest of it turns it into so much preachy schmaltz and depressing schmaltz at that. Takes all the nice bite out of the humor and irony that was built up so well.

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