It’s 11:30pm and tomorrow we’re heading North and East to Lake Tahoe for Christmas. I’ve spent the last 3.5 hours preparing for the trip. I packed a bag for Sabs and I, packed a bag for Vic, packed Vic’s diaper bag, packed my “Activity and Emergency” bag and lined up a number of things to be ready to go, first thing in the morning (boxes of presents, tree decorations, clothes, food, pump, shoes, etc.)

So of course, while I’m exhausted, I’m also now hyper and wide awake. I’m sitting here at Sabs’ computer unwinding a little, with a glass of juice (tea would probably be better, but I have little inclination to risk going into the kitchen and letting the cats out again after I’ve finally gotten them all back in there for the night).

It’s been quite a day. My office had a holiday party today, and I sang three songs in the karaoke contest, one with most of the IT dept, one with a co-worker and one solo. We didn’t win anything, but I got a lot of compliments on my voice. One guy even called me a diva. Fancy that.

I had some wine at the party and between getting amped up for the karaoke, good food and the spirits, I was really bouncing off the walls earlier. My mother-in-law, Sabs and Vic met me immediately after the party at Macy’s and we took Vic to see Santa. There’s pictures of course, but I need to scan them in and that requires booting up my computer, so it’ll have to wait until we come back from Tahoe next week. Suffice to say, that it’s a really cute picture. Vic didn’t smile, being fresh off of a feeding and a little bit overwhelmed, but he was perfectly well-behaved, if somewhat subdued. Slightly less cute, is the family picture with all three of us, plus Santa in it, but it’s still a nice family photo, of which we have few.

The drive back from the city was hellish and that, combined with the inevitable come-down from the party high, left me drained as well as hungry. We ate take-out speedily, made our game-plan for tomorrow, then my mother-in-law left to go back to her hotel and I mustered the energy to pack.

This of course, leads me to now, at a quarter to midnight now, tired, drained, but wide awake in the post-packing haze. Hopefully, sleep will find its way to me soon, especially since I now have the satisfaction of being prepared for tomorrow. So prepared am I, that I even have a flashlight, a bottle of ibuprofen and a spare nightlight tucked into my “Activity and Emergency” bag.

Go figure.