Hustle and Bustle

Back in the real world, I am thrust again into the hustle and bustle of daily life. The bombardment of questions has begun: when are we doing this? what are we having for dinner? where are we going tomorrow? when will this project get off the ground? are you available next week to discuss …?

Blah blah blah. It’s like a chorus of mish-mashed sound in my ears right now and I’m drowning it out by pumping and writing this entry. Sabs and I hammered out our menu for the week a little bit earlier and he’s off purchasing the ingredients to make the items on the menu with Sean and Vic as I type. Shopping this way has proven to be very good for us: we’ve cut our grocery bills just about in half by buying only the food we need to make a given meal. We also tend to make the type of dish that will last for more than one meal now, so that one or both of us can have leftovers for lunch, or for dinner on another day. My favorite in our weekly litany, is chicken pot pie.

Sabs makes it with grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies and homemade bechamel all baked under a pre-made puff pastry crust. If I ever get on the ball again, we can have it with homemade pie crust, but for now the puff pastry stuff is just fine and makes preparation much easier and quicker than kneading pie dough would.

Another favorite of mine that frequently appears on the list, is a simple pasta dish, with tomato-zucchini sauce and shaved ham on top. Sabs can toss this together in less than twenty minutes and it’s good with a number of pasta types from spaghetti to penne. I often fill nutritionally recharged after eating this meal, if only because it’s pleasantly light, but also fairly complete, especially if we have some kind of fruit for dessert and add a little bit of grated parmesan on top.

I’m glad we have the menu sorted out again, because so far, the week has been sort of like tripping over one’s feet: you trip and your arms flail as you try to catch yourself/slow yourself down, velocity still carrying you forward. That’s how I’m feeling right now — as if I haven’t quite caught myself from falling yet. Yesterday morning was hectic to say the least, and this morning wasn’t much better. Our bags are still in a mostly packed state, vying for space in the bedroom with the laundry that Sabs didn’t do while we were gone (though he IS doing it today), so finding things in the morning has been challenging. I forgot my badge yesterday because it wasn’t in the fanny pack I was using to carry my wallet and keys while on vacation, but in the purse I’d been using before the trip.

Sadly, the purse is no longer usable at all, because one of the cats decided to use it for batting practice sometime shortly before we left and the faux leather is clawed up and fracturing all along the width of the strap. I’m in the market for another similar bag — the kind that can go over my shoulder and across my body and is long, but thin, so that it can hold longish items but not be too bulky.

This pumping seems to be going better than the last. This morning yielded very little milk, a fact that is making me nervous. We came home on a deficit, and so far, I’m not really managing to make up for it. What’s making me more nervous though, is the fact that Vic doesn’t seem to be wanting his usual amount. He got used to being able to nurse whenever he wanted apparently and is being a little bit bottle-strikeish around the edges. That said, he’s also been cluster-feeding like mad in the early morning. This morning’s feed began at 3:50 am and continued every half hour or so until 7:00 am when he finally dropped off again and I dragged myself sleepily out of bed.

In happier news, Vic seems to finally be getting happy with the concept of his playard. I put him in it last night for about a half hour and he just sat there, playing happily with his toys and looking up every now and then to smile at me. Once he got hungry though, it was all over and he waxed crabby rather quickly and segued into wailing even more quickly. He’s tired still, I think from all the journeying and it’s put him in a bad mood, nevertheless if he can be happy playing in his playard for longish segments of time, this is a good thing.

Sabs also installed the doorway jumper today, that Amy so kindly sent us. Apparently, it only fits onto a few of our doors because we have these incredibly high and thick moldings above many of them. But Vic seemed to enjoy using it, so that’s all to the good in my book. Thank you Amy:).

Some other good things to mention, are just how much of a good time I had hanging out with Sam and Keet on Sunday, as well as with my family for most of my week away. Despite the sadness that ensued from our trip to Connecticut, I did have a good vacation and was very pleased to be able to spend some quality time with my parents and my brothers.

We watched the full version of Fellowship of the Ring after dinner on Thursday and we all agreed that it’s a much more complete film than the theatrical release and enjoyed poking our noses into the veritable plethora of extras available on the DVDs.

I also made a very good turkey again this year, despite a moment of looming disaster over the dinner. The bird just wasn’t completely cooked when it was supposed to be finished and we had to put it back into the oven, half carved up, for an hour after everything else was ready and waiting to be served! Mom made a truly fantastic apple pie that I indulged in for breakfast two days running and Vic got his first taste of mashed sweet potatoes and seemed reasonably happy with them.

I also got a decent amount of sleep in between Vic’s spates of teething, so while I didn’t get all of the rest that I’d hoped for, I did get some. Finally, I’m now sporting a fab new ‘do courtesy of my mother who announced blithely upon my arrival that she’d made me an appointment at a local salon and that I was to go and get myself pampered. So I did and it looks great, but of course I haven’t got a single good picture with which to demonstrate. Ah well.

Now I’m trying to decide whether or not I’ll be able to make it to the wedding of a good friend in Seattle in two weeks’ time. The options I have for getting there are of vaguely equal cost, the trouble is time, as usual. I just haven’t got any extra days off, especially since I am saving hours for Christmas and our trip to Tahoe.

Decisions, decisions. Hustle and bustle. I suppose it just doesn’t stop at this time of the year …