Full Moon

Yesterday evening as I walked toward the bus to go home, the moon was hanging perfectly centered right over Sutter St. and glowing pearly white in a ring of pink. The sun was going down behind me, just on the other side of the hill that leads down to the sea and casting peachy-pink light at downtown over which the perfect round of the moon sat. The sky on the moon-side of the world had already changed to periwinkle, so the moon itself was sailing on a sea of blue, but surrounded by a lovely peach glow, whilst the buildings, casting back the sun’s dying light, were like pillars of rose-stone, bracing it on either side.

I stopped for a moment on the downward slope to admire the scene: white moon, pink ring around it, blue sky and rosy pillars of the buildings speckled with twinkling lights before moving on toward the bus stop.

It may have been the effect of the full moon that put me into such an antsy and impatient mood later on. Sabs and I had a bit of a fight over the fact that he left the light on the hallway after I’d gone to bed, and the light coming into the room made it hard for Vic and I to sleep/gave me a squint-in-my-sleep headache.

In cold of morning, when Sabs had crept back to bed after sleeping downstairs for a while, I lay listening to him and Vic breathe, curled up warmly under layers of blankets and pondered how best to make up. Eventually I fell asleep again, with Vic cuddled into the crook of my arm, sidling in close to stay warm and turn the space under the blankets into an inferno from the combined body heat.

I kicked off half the blankets later on and nearly tripped over them when I stumbled out of the room, much much later in search of the pump for the makings of a bottle and a drink for unparching my throat.

Later still, there were other things to deal with … perhaps again, evidence of the moon’s effect. I’ll be looking for the moon again tonight, but hoping that she’ll spare me the lunacy and bring only inspiration for the week ahead.