Election Results

As most liberals probably are, I’m bummed about the swing towards the right at the national level. However, locally, a lot of things went the way I voted and I’m pretty happy about that.

Election results for the City of Berkeley: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/elections/general/results.htm

Election results for the County of Alameda: http://www.co.alameda.ca.us/rov/current_election/index.htm

We’ve got a new mayor in Berkeley, and our City Councilmember was re-elected thanks in small part to my vote. Most of the measures I supported passed and most of the ones I voted against didn’t. The only ones that did pass that I voted against aren’t tragedies in my mind, but they also aren’t necessarily the best way to go about securing what the measures set out to secure IMHO.

Specifically, Measure M on the Berkeley ballot is supposed to support affordable housing, but the way it’s going to fund that is by increasing the transfer tax on the sale of homes valued at 350K or more. I don’t know of any starter home that’s not a dire fixer upper in the city of Berkeley that is valued at less than 350K. So I fail to see how making it harder to buy a home is increasing opportunities for more affordable housing. Sure, it helps create funding for building more apartment complexes, but that doesn’t help me, and other single-income, middle-class families like mine, when the units in the new buildings are priced at, or above-market and don’t allow pets, but we can’t afford a simple starter home in our city either.

Suffice to say that overall I’m pretty comfortable with the way our local and state elections went, but pretty disgusted with the Shrub and company and am just biding my time ’til the next election so I can cast a nice big fat vote against the GOP.