New Fit

On Halloween, my office had a party and all were invited to come in costume. Not one to miss a chance at dressing up, I pulled a bunch of my garb out of the closet in an attempt at putting together a Renaissance or gypsy outfit. I’ve been having trouble wearing my garb in the last year or two due to weight gain so I wasn’t overly optimistic about being able to fit into most of my stuff.

My favorite dress for example, didn’t fit through the bust which is entirely understandable, given the whole breastfeeding thing. Much to my surprise however, the one remaining flowy skirt I have, instead of being tight, was loose. Very loose. Six inches loose. Golly gee.

Today I pulled a pair of pants out of the back of my closet that I last wriggled into right before my second trimester of pregnancy began. I’d lost about twenty pounds from being sick during the first trimester and was able to just squeeze into them then. Today, they’re loose.

The weight loss is noticeable in more places than just my waistline — my face in particular has lost a lot of the jowly look it’s had in the last couple of years and my fingers, which had started to puff up around my rings, have smoothed out again and my rings are no longer in danger of cutting off my circulation anymore.

I haven’t lost as much as I’d like still, but I’ve been participating in the Weight Loss Challenge on The Usual Suspects and checking in from week to week is helping me to stay on track. I still need to try to get more exercise, but so far, I’m pretty happy with the fact that I’m almost out of plus sizes.

The day that I can order an XL or an L from Land’s End or LL Bean again will be a happy one indeed for me.