Sullen Skies and Holiday

I’m sitting in the training room winding up a pumping session and peeking out between the blinds at the very gray sky. It looks like rain out there, except that it’s not raining. The sky is sullen and broody, it has gathered up its skirts of dove and is sitting on them like a sulky child. We haven’t seen the sun all day.

Our building chose to do a fire drill of the entire edifice today. Lovely day to be standing around boredly in the parking lot of the neighboring pharmacy huddled into one’s jacket with the rest of one’s co-workers. There was a lot of bitching going on around me about the weather. I bitched about the lack of affordable housing in Berkeley for pet-owners instead.

I should be all happy and excited today because I don’t have to go to work on Monday next week, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or the following Monday. I’m going on vacation with Victor, heading back East to visit my family and take Victor to meet his great-grandparents. I haven’t seen my grandmother for about two years now and it’ll be lovely to see her, it really will, but I’m looking forward neither to the plane ride nor the packing that will be shortly going on.

I’m caught up in that rock and hard place again where I want to be living much closer to our respective families so that we can simply hop on a train to go visit for the holidays rather than having to go through the arduous process of making aeroplane reservations and trying to squeeze as many days as possible out of my vacation time so that we can see everyone that we want to see but still have time to rest up and get refreshed before needing to work again.

This time, I made some tactical errors in my reservations. I wasn’t counting on getting ill in September and hence I’ve taken off more days than I have. These days will be deducted from my pay so we’ll have some short paychecks right around the holidays. Lovely timing on my part I must say.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed here that some of the potential employers to whom Sabs or I have sent a resume will respond and wish to hire Sabs. Something that starts before the holidays would be lovely so that I can perhaps, maybe, actually get my child a Christmas present or two. I have this big long list of things I’d love to get for Vic over in his baby registry. Most of them are out of my price range unfortunately, though I may just have to splurge on an item or two for him. The doorway jumper is looking mighty tempting right now because he loves to pull himself up into a standing position, but isn’t quite stable enough to hold onto anything for long periods of time.

For the time being, I’m satisfying my buying urges by making things. I’ve got a hat underway on my crochet hook and a sweater on the knitting needles. These will be coming to Philly with me (though the knitting will have to wait until we disembark and I pick up my luggage) so that I can hopefully get large amounts of work done while my family members are busy cooing over Vic and keeping him entertained.

Speaking of my upcoming vacation … I’ll be out of town until December 3rd. Most likely, no updates until then, unless I’m really, really bored on Tuesday with both of my parents at work and neither of my brothers yet arrived at the house.

Happy Thanksgiving for all to whom it’s appropriate, I hope you enjoy the days off, some good food and some good company, whatever floats your boat for this holiday.