Hummingbirds and Light

One of the odd things for me, about living in California, is the juxtaposition of it being October, but having roses in bloom and hummingbirds drinking from the blossoms in my garden.

Yesterday, as I walked around the corner of the yard heading for the BART station, I drew to a quick stop to just watch the delicate golden creature sipping from lavendar blooms that top the heather and rosemary bushes that line our driveway.

I’d never really seen a live hummingbird up close and personal before we moved here. The first ones that I bumped into were this summer on another block in our neighborhood snacking on honeysuckle juice. I was very pleased to find one in my own yard, wings moving so quickly they were visible only as a blur of motion, little dark eyes bright and shiny as that spire of a beak dipped into one flower after another.

Hummingbirds make me think of fairies, they’re so graceful and quick, so shimmery in the autumn light. I think it would be neat one day to turn that corner and find a whole cluster of them sipping on my flowers.

Today has been a perfect Fall day. The sky is high and clear and blue, the sun bright, the air chilly but not so much as to be uncomfortable. Just perfect — like biting into a crisp red apple.

With the time change, mornings are easier to tackle. For a while there, the fact that it was still dark at 7am was really throwing my internal clock for a loop. I wasn’t waking up because it wasn’t light out yet and this was making me a little bit on the late side for work. Still, this also means it’s darker in the evening, which gives me more of an incentive to get out of the office on time — beat the light home.

October dies tonight on All Hallow’s Eve and slowly we’re creeping toward the end of another year. I’m excited for tonight — Vic’s first Hallowe’en. We’re dressing him up comfortably in a kitty-cat sweatsuit and we’ll take a walk around the neighborhood. Not trick or treating per se, but going up and knocking on doors and saying hello and showing off his costume.

There are a lot of fun firsts coming up for Vic and by extension for me (and Sabs too, though I can’t put words in his mouth), first airplabe ride, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first snow. I love all these holidays and have never lost my sense of wonder about them, but having Vic in our lives reinforces the magic of the holiday season for me. Despite all the things that are tough right now, Vic brings joy and light into our lives, just by being himself.