Not Quite 4 Months Well Baby Visit

That’s what Dr. Oken called it when we went to visit him on Tuesday morning. Your “Not Quite 4 Months” checkup. Because you’ve been so sick, you couldn’t get your shots, so those will have to be scheduled after Thanksgiving. However, Doc looked you over and pronounced you otherwise fit as a fiddle and growing well indeed. We didn’t get the percentile that you’re in, but that’s okay, because basically, you just keep trying to give Vic a run for his money both in weight and height.

Stats at 3 months 18 days

Weight: 15lbs 2oz
Height: 25in
Head circ: 41cm

You’re 2 inches shorter and 6 ounces lighter than Vic was at 4 months 3 days, but still well within that ballpark.

I’ve got another big tall boy on my hands!

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