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Sunday, 16th October, 2005

Sleep, Growth & Reaching

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Dear Julien,

This past week you have slept for up to 5.5 hours at a time at night, giving everyone some much needed rest. I don’t know if this is a permanent shift for you that you’ve grown into sleeping longer, but it’s been a nice change from 3-4 hours for you and 2-3 hours for me. You still sleep the first part of the night in your crib which is attached to the side of our bed, but you sleep better cuddled up against me for the second part of the night because you dream so much after 2am. You seem to settle down better if you have reassurance within reach of your own arm when you cycle through dream states so quickly in the early hours of the morning.

You’re continuing to grow quite rapidly, though I don’t know exactly how much you weigh or measure. You were in your bassinet all stretched out last night though and your toes were touching the bottom wall and your head was pressed up against the top wall of it so I really think it’s time to take the bassinet down. This means that we’ll have to settle you in your car seat to snooze downstairs and use the waterproof pads to change you on the couch. We still have the playard of course, but I don’t really like having to bend over the three-foot tall railing to get you in and out and it takes up a huge amount of space, so I think we’ll just retire the lot.

Your exodus from 0-3 month sizes continues as well of course, every day I find that something else no longer fits and the pile of things that’s going into a box for donation and passing along to friends is getting bigger and bigger. I’m keeping a few little things as mementoes of your and your big brother’s babyhoods, but the bulk of the itty bitty things will be marching off to clothe other little babies very shortly.

You continue to work on reaching for things that interest you and are getting more control over your arms and hands to do this with. My hair is a favorite thing of yours to grab at these days, though you also continue to go for the toys on your toy arch and you got interested in a black and white linking ring yesterday when you and Vic had playtime in your room. Vic was showing you the baby toys and you kept going for that ring, even though you never quite managed to grab it for yourself.

Right now, you’re sitting up in your chair, watching Vic jump around and making faces at me and giggling every time I make a face at you. It’s been a good morning, even though the chill of coming winter is in the air. It’s only 45 out today, a big change from the hot days of August when we welcomed you into the world.

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