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Sunday, 4th September, 2005

1 Month

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Today, Julien is 1 month old. The time has just flown by since his birth and I look down at the chubby month-old infant curled up on my chest and have to blink a few times. Where did the itty bitty little newborn of a month ago, go?

Children never grow as fast as they do during their first year, and the first month of that first year is a pretty amazing span of time, as short as it is. Physically, Julien has gone from being a compact bundle with the ‘little old man’ or ‘froggy’ look about him, to a solid armful of round-cheeked baby. He’s completed this transformation even more quickly than his big brother did – even his hands have plumped out and have dimples where his knuckles will be. He’s uncurled almost completely, though he still likes to tuck his legs up under him, buddha style. This is especially cute when he’s got on his orange sack gown.

Developmentally speaking, he’s still supposedly working on focusing on things better and tracking them with his eyes, except that he’s been pretty good at that from rather early on. He seems to be able to see all the way across the room already, because he looks up at me when I come into the room and he’ll ‘watch’ TV briefly when something of interest to him comes on. He’s starting to try to coordinate his limbs so he can reach for things, but it’ll be a while longer before he gets there. Right now, it’s just determined, semi-directed flailing.

Rolling over, holding his head up and smiling are all in the works as well. Sometimes when I put him down on his tummy, or have him up against my shoulder, I catch him with the most determined and focused look on his face as if he just -knows- that he needs to be trying things out and he just -has- to do them because he really wants to be able to look up and around at that Big Person who is so interesting to him. (That would be Victor who is always zinging by at 60 mph).

The rolling and smiling will probably come first – we’ve had some near-smiles already accompanied by bright “Yeaaaaaah!” sounds of delight. Rolling will take more work, but Jules is hard at work on it, going from his back to his side to his tummy so far, but no complete rolls. He just doesn’t like being on his back very much, and leans up onto his side in his sleep and when set down anywhere. From there it’s a flop over onto his belly from time to time, though he seems to vastly prefer being on his side. I’m pondering a new sleep-positioner for him for when he’s sleeping in the crib – no worries about when he’s in with me, then he’s all about using the crook of my elbow as a pillow, just like his big brother.

It’s been a wild ride of course, as with any newborn, but also a very happy one, this first month with Julien in our family. Here’s to many, many, many, more.

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