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Thursday, 18th August, 2005

2 Weeks

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Time really is just flying by. It’s hard to believe that little ticker up at the top of the page that’s marked off a full two weeks since Julien arrived. He’s doing very well, filling out nicely and really starting to fit into all of his 0-3 sized clothes. What little bit of jaundice he had is a thing of the past, the yellow tinge has even left the whites of his eyes and he’s all pink all over. His hairline is filling in too, with fine blonde hairs, so his hairstyle somewhat resembles mine at about the same age.

He’s starting to stretch his feedings out a little bit more, and is still nursing about the same amount of time – at least 15-20 minutes per feeding and up to an hour for each one. He sleeps for about 2-3 hours after a shorter feeding and up to 5 hours after a longer one, though we haven’t had a repeat of the 6 hour sleep that I got during our hospital stay. That’s fine though, considering the size of his little tummy! I think he poops as much as he does because he eats so much. Poor kid’s bum is all raw from all the poopy he puts out on a daily basis.

Tomorrow we’ve got our 2 week checkup close to first thing in the morning and we’ll find out just how much weight Mr. Jules has gained and all that fun stuff. We’ll have one more appointment in September before I go back to work and then not again until November.

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