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Julien has had his first two visits to the park this week. Up to Tilden for a picnic and for Vic to go ride the steam trains with friend Gavin and Grandma and Grandpa on Thursday and to Larkey park today, again for a picnic and to let his big brother play on the climbing structures and swings. It’s absolutely gorgeous out today – perfect weather as far as I’m concerned, though most would probably consider it to be too cold. It’s about 70 degrees, with a good wind blowing, clear skies and sunny. I’m loving it and Julien seems pretty happy with it too, because it’s not too hot and sticky to stay curled up in the sling all day long.

I should probably be up napping, given that the temperature in the bedroom is bearable for the first time in ages, but Vic is asleep on the couch – he’s been running a slight fever since last night and I don’t want to leave him alone. So here I am just chilling out in my chair, with Julien snuggled up against my chest, enjoying some quality Mama-Baby time and finally uploading all of Jules’ pictures to date on Ofoto.

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