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Tuesday, 2nd August, 2005

39 Weeks

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Well here we are at 39 weeks, completely full-term and my due-date is next Monday. I’ve been hanging out with my parents for the past few days, and today I was dealing with a bout of stomach flu. Victor brought this home from school at the end of last week and kindly passed it along to first Sabs, then myself. I was hoping it would skip me and it looked like I was home free, but I must have touched something that didn’t get washed thoroughly enough and wound up getting it.

Long story short, today was not fun at all until a few hours ago when the worshipping of certain toilet fixtures finally stopped. I woke up sick at 2:30am and basically went through needing to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes to an hour until just after 3pm when I was finally able to start keeping water and Gatorade down.

All contractions stopped while I was sick and Pip got very very quiet. It was kind of worrisome, but in the past two hours, Pip’s activity has picked up again, and the baby passed a kick count, so I’m going to assume that he/she was just chilling out and hiding out from the violence going on in my gut.

Low-level contractions have started again too – every 15 minutes roughly, 20-30 seconds long, very mild. We’ll see if they start to come closer together over the course of the night, though right now I’m actually hoping that labor will hold off for at least one more day to let me get my strength back. Being this sick has taken a lot out of me and I feel very lethargic.

My folks have been really great the past few days, they’ve taken Vic out almost every evening, gone swimming with him and today they unpacked my kitchen and planted herbs on my back patio. Dad helped to swap the slide around on Vic’s bed too and put together the brace for Pip’s crib so we can use it as a sidecar properly. So finally my little home is coming together with some help from extra hands and despite feeling weak and tired from being sick, I’m happy because my house no longer resembles a loading zone.

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