Dear Julien … Letters to my second son.

Sunday, 31st July, 2005


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Woke up at 5am this morning with nausea and diarrhea and cramping. Didn’t start to feel better until almost 9am when all activity ceased and my intestines calmed down. This is pretty much how my labor with Vic started, except that I knew my water had broken, and I’m pretty sure it -hasn’t- yet.

Anyway, yet another day of stuff happening and wondering, and wondering only to have it pan out into nothing. I’m planning to rest a lot today because I’m really tired after a night of taking care of Vic (he conked out early, but then woke up just before midnight to throw up) and then being woken so early with stomach problems. Hopefully Mom and Dad will come over soon and take Vic out for some fun with Grandma and Grandpa so I can sack out on the couch. He’s not feeling 100% so he’s being very clingy towards me when I’m at my least able to deal.

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