No Dice

Well unless Pip pulls a Vic on me … nope, no dice. Last crampy-contraction type thingie was at 6:50 pm. It lasted for 90 seconds and petered out and I haven’t had any more.

Thinking back on the day I had Vic though, all that afternoon I had tons of what I thought were Braxton-Hicks off and on, tightening across the top of my abdomen that then combined with a ‘pulling up’ feeling later in the afternoon. That was the whole time we were at the park. We went home and had dinner and I watched a bunch of TV and fell asleep and had no activity for several hours. I woke up just before midnight and my water broke and promptly went into active labor within a half hour.

So it might still happen, but right now it’s looking like not. I’m glad I took the opportunity to rest though – mild as those contractions were, they were tiring.

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