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Saturday, 23rd July, 2005

Early Labor? Prodromal Labor?

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Since 2:15pm this afternoon, I’ve been having … mild cramping that wraps around to my back briefly, roughly every half hour. There’s been no change in that pattern for 3 hours. No increase in strength of the cramps, no change in length, no shortening of the time between them. But they also haven’t stopped, which is what has happened every time I’ve had contractions during this pregnancy. They’re also what I’d call extremely mild, barely more noticeable than my mildest menstrual cramp.

I’m chilling out at home, lying on the couch on my side mostly, and getting up to walk around in between cramping episodes. I’m drinking plenty of fluids and eating light, just in case. I’m trying not to push it because ye gods it’s hot out. 105 right now, so I’m not leaving the blessed downstairs AC room unless Vic agrees to go to the pool. He was talking about swimming earlier, but wanted to go with his Dad and has refused to go with me.

If the cramps start to get closer together or increase in strength, I’m calling Sabs and heading to the hospital.

I wonder if this is how it went with Vic too … and I just didn’t feel it as much because I wasn’t as in tune with my body and because Sabs and I spent that afternoon in such relaxed circumstances, at the park, picnicking and talking and being all happy couple together.

We’ll see. We could be in for a busy night.


  1. Oooh, exciting! I’m sending good thoughts your way! Whether it’s happening now or for when it happens later, I wish you an easy and healthy labor for both you and the baby!

    Comment by Meg — Saturday, 23rd July, 2005 @ 20:01

  2. Yay! Pipling may make him/herself appear! I’m looking forward to it! Baby baby baby!

    Comment by Lisa — Sunday, 24th July, 2005 @ 7:44

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