Revisiting the Past

So I was re-reading my pregnancy journal with Vic and noticed a pattern between what I’m feeling now and what I felt two-three weeks before I had Vic.

Here’s May 2002 and April 2002

All of those symptoms I describe … well I’ve got ’em.

I had a little bit of plug loss last week, today I was spotting a bit more. I can feel Pip riding either my lower spine, or down in my pelvis giving me the basketball between the legs feeling.

I’ve been having increasing Braxton-Hicks – four of them on the walk to BART this morning and they were very strong. Another two going from the MUNI to work itself. This time around I also keep getting intermittent real contractions, which is normal given that this is a second pregnancy. They’re annoying and involve a mild level of pain, very different from B-H. Every time I have them though, I wait on tenterhooks to see if they pick up any steam. So far they always go away after an hour. I’ve never had more than 3 in an hour and they don’t come back. False labor. Gotta love it. Not.

It only means that things are going right on track I think. But it may point to me popping just a little bit early. What’s changed for this week is the fatigue level. It was getting bad before, it’s really bad now. I could barely wake up this morning and that’s what I remember the most about the week before I had Vic. I was just so dog-tired all the time and only wanted to sleep.

Well, I’m there again. Dog-tired and nesting like crazy. I was dragging furniture around yesterday and unpacking boxes, just like I did three years ago right before I had Vic. It’s an obsession. I want my space neat and clean and arranged. The disorder is making me twitch with frustration.

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