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Thursday, 14th July, 2005

Pressure and GBS Test Results

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Today’s report – more pressure and lots of it, through my lower back and bottom. I feel like the baby’s head is right along my upper tailbone and it’s not the most pleasant feeling. I’ve been doing standing pelvic rocks to try to dislodge Pip and get him/her to swing forward just a little bit. It feels like my pelvis is being cranked open from behind by a tire jack. It’s not painful per se, just … very uncomfortable. My only consolation is knowing that this sort of pressure from inside helps prep everything ‘down there’ so it just has to be lived through and it should make for smoother sailing when Pip is ready to come out.

I forgot to write this in the last entry, but the GBS test came back negative. Yay! No IV antibiotics for me, I can be free to walk around IVless just like last time. Phew. Load off my mind. The very idea of having an IV makes my skin crawl. Needles and I just do not get along outside of emergency/very necessary situations. I still have to do relaxation breathing just to get shots and blood draws still make me dizzy, though I haven’t passed out in a while.

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  1. Can you believe they LOST my GBS test for Liam? So I had to have the antibiotics. Which sucked. Then again, with a uterine rupture and two units of blood, I likely would have had to have them anyway, but… 😉 Are you still looking at a home birth, or are you going to the birthing center you mentioned? And I won’t ask, because it drove me crazy when people wanted to know, but if you’re in the mood to share if you’ve picked out names, I’d love to hear ’em!

    For some reason, I’m just having girl vibes. Dunno why, but I am. 🙂

    Comment by Kelley — Thursday, 14th July, 2005 @ 16:51

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