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Tuesday, 12th July, 2005

36 Weeks – Pressure

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Here we are, 36 weeks today, and I woke up this morning feeling twingey. On the walk to BART I felt a lot of pressure in my bottom and nagging back pain along with some pressure along my lower spine.

A few minutes later after I got on the train, I felt Pip sliding around, and feet up against the top of my uterus, though not as high as they have been, followed by a hand pushing against the uterine floor.

I haven’t felt any contractions, but there’s still some presssure, though lighter in the same areas, and there’s still some nagging pullling in my lower back. I’m feeling arms and hands sweeping around very low down and towards the front right now.

What it feels like, is that Pip just swam down and stuck his/her head into my pelvis and is checking out the new digs. Namely, the baby’s engaged.

We’ll see if I’m right, tomorrow, though of course the kiddo could still decide to move again before then.

I’m begging Sabs to go out and find us something to cool the bedroom with. I’m hot, hot, hot all the time and the weather out in the Diablo Valley is even hotter. It’s supposed to be up in the 90s all week and last night it was still in the 80s at nightfall, though it did drop into the upper 60s by the time I went to bed. The room was still stuffy and retaining heat though, despite the fans working overtime.

I just don’t want to have to be stuck in bed up there with a newborn, sweltering away.

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