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Monday, 11th July, 2005

Buh-Bye Plug!

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Okay so it’s not the whole thing yet, but part of it just went. I will be totally unsurprised if they find the beginnings of dilation at my next appointment on Wednesday.

This is just like with Victor – 3 weeks out I began to dilate gradually, just a little bit, 6 days before delivery I was almost at 3cm. I can feel the twinges, so I know there’s mild stuff going on – it’s probably why I’ve been so tired and crampy and sometimes nauseated for the past few days. Ye olde body is getting ready. Hopefully this means that everything is lining up to be right on time, maybe even just a titch early.

We’re well into the safety zone now, so if things happen a little early, it’ll all be fine. I’m told next Thursday is a full moon, that’s also the cusp of the zodiac sign change, so if you put any stock into full moons and so on inciting labor, keep an eye out for an earlyish entrance by Pip then which would squeak him/her into the Crab sign instead of the Lion.

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  1. Crabs RAWK! (so says she of the July 18th natal day) 😉 Here’s hoping that the labor is quick, delivery is easy, and you all are possessed of another wonderful little creature soon! – Oh, and psst. Pip: July 18th is a wonderful day, BTW, just so you know.

    Comment by Kelley — Monday, 11th July, 2005 @ 17:18

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