35 Weeks

I was officially at 35 weeks yesterday, but I had my prenatal visit today. We saw Dr. G. today, who delivered Vic 3 years ago and boy was he ever flustered. I think he was fresh off of a delivery or something and had a huge backup of patients. At any rate, he nearly forgot to do my Group B test. I had to remind him. It was kinda funny, except that Vic freaked about having to be taken out while I got the swab taken.

Thankfully, this time around for whatever reasons – better hydration, no falling down the stairs at 32 weeks, it didn’t hurt at all. Didn’t even feel it. No spotting, no stinging, hurray.

Dr. G. was -very- definite about baby being head down and I was looking at myself sideways yesterday and this morning and realized that yes, indeed, the baby has dropped too.

It’s kinda freaky actually, to know where Dr. G was feeling the head, and realize how far up the butt is into my ribs. This kiddo is doing very well and should be ready, either a bit early or right on time I think. Heartbeat sounded good – down about 2 inches beneath my belly button on the left.

Everything else was right on track/normal. BP fine, ankles not too swollen, another 2lbs gained for 254lbs total.

Now we just wait for the GBS results and I plan to talk to the Dr. at my next visit about alternatives to IV treatment given how fast my first labor was.

Basically – the baby and I are healthy as horses and doing just fine. It’s probably going to be a slow, uncomfy 3-4 weeks for me until Baby Day, but otherwise, everything’s peachy keen and I’m very grateful for that.

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