31 Week Prenatal

Another good prenatal visit. Everything’s tracking along as it should be – the third trimester growth spurt is definitely underway.

Weight: 250 lbs
Fundal Height: 31cm (See the big jump there? See? See? )
BP: 128/80
Urine: Good

Heart beat in the 140s, low and to the left of my belly button and Pip appears to be head down by feel.

And I can’t say enough how much I love the C.N.M in the practice. She rocks. She’s just so attentive and listens carefully to everything I have to say and is considerate and caring and it’s just such a difference from doctor-care, no matter how good my OB usually is too.

She checked my ankles for edema, and followed up on the Braxton-Hicks, asked lots of questions about them and how they feel. We talked more about my fast labor history and she counseled coming in ASAP, as we’ve planned, if I feel even the slightest twinges going on in my back. She also said something along the lines of “And don’t let the advice nurse pooh-pooh you either, given your history. You just come right on in, so you don’t have that baby in the car.”

She so totally rocks.

She even did a little bit of extra doppler checking, about where exactly Pip’s heartones were coming from and what their quality was like, so she could give me an idea of where he/she is lying. She said that when it sounds whooshier and you hear it more to the side rather than the top, that means that the baby is probably lying along my back, since you can hear the heart better through the -baby’s- back. Interesting huh? So Pip is curled up along my spine, head-down and that explains why I keep seeing baby buttinski out my front 🙂

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  1. Heidi

    *hugs* I’m so glad to hear that the appointment went well.

  2. Emma

    Beth! Congratulations!! I know I’m a squillion bazillion years too late in saying that, but it’s great to see you’re waiting for a little one to arrive! I’m really happy for you – I guess I have 30 weeks of pregnancy info to catch up on! (I realise that I have used up my !!! quota now…)

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