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Saturday, 4th June, 2005

30 Weeks

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The kicks under my ribs have started. Pip’s not quite completely that hight up yet, but he/she is getting there and I’m feeling more and more action up above my navel. It’s reassuring, especially given how much side to side and low-down motion I’ve felt throughout this pregnancy so far.

In fact, things are finally starting to get squished enough that I’m getting heartburn. Augh. And I have no anti-acids in the house anywhere. I’m going to need to invest in another mega-bottle of Rolaids or something, just to take the edge off.

I’m feeling very pregnant this week all of a sudden. Front-heavy and achey and the Braxton-Hicks are pretty much a constant, every time I move around more than at a very slow pace, no matter how much water I drink.

It’s all good though – this is the slide into the end-zone, and the heavier I get, the more I know the baby is growing and that is good stuff. Very good stuff.

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