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Friday, 27th May, 2005

Bye Bye Pants

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Yep, yep, definitely out of my tailored pants. I squeezed into them this morning because I spilled on my stretchy black ones yesterday and I couldn’t find another pair of stretchy ones quickly. But yeah, had to suck in a little and pull on the back elastic to get them around.

Buh-bye non-stretchy pants! See you in a couple of months!

Pip definitely seems to be getting into growth spurt mode. It was like this with Vic too, right at the end, every other week, pop, pop, pop, would go my belly, a little bigger as he got bigger and packed on fat for delivery.

They’re exhausting weeks though, that make me fall asleep on BART, or just even randomly when on my feet walking around the office. The first trimester is demanding as the body builds up to getting ready and dealing with the hormone dump. The third trimester is demanding just because of all the effort it puts into getting the baby ready to come out. It saps a lot of strength and rest, fluids and good nutrition, which are always important, are really important for me not to neglect.

I’ve had my smoothie this morning, and my vitamins and I’m contemplating a nice big breakfast.

Yesterday I treated myself to a hot fudge sundae after lunch. There’s just something about a plain old fashioned fudge sundae that’s just really hitting the spot this time around. With Victor I wanted chocolate ice cream every night. Pip, prefers strawberry and vanilla. Ice cream is just one of those foods though, that seems to go down easiest during pregnancy, for me. It’s easy to eat, doesn’t upset my stomach, and while it’s heavy in fat and sugar, it’s calcium rich and if I go with the strawberry has other vitamins and minerals as well.

If I’m having trouble eating, I can usually have some ice cream and will at least have eaten something, even if it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. I refuse to feel guilty about the amount of ice cream I eat while pregnant. It’s good stuff, yo. 🙂

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