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Tuesday, 24th May, 2005

29 Week Prenatal

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All sorts of good things first:

1) I passed the GTT. With flying colors. Blood sugar was even lower than last time. 109 then, 91 this time. Well below the 139.

2) Thyroid – also good, 1.481 – well within range, and even on the good side, since the lower numbers indicate good metabolic function. This, me hearties, is why I lose weight and feel so good when pregnant, once the morning sickness has gone buh-bye.

3) Weight gain is good – 6lbs up from last time.

4) BP normal.

5) Fundal height normal.

6) Cervix – long, thick n’ closed.

We saw the new CNM in the practice today and wow. What a difference a CNM makes! She actually talked with me about our sleep issues with Victor and stressed the importance of a routine for me. She also told me that I really shouldn’t be picking him up that much anymore and that when I do, I should squat to lift him. It may sound like she was lecturing a lot, but what she did was ask a lot of questions about our overall family dynamic, how my workstation at work is set up, and so on and so forth. Basically getting y’know, a more complete picture of me as a patient.

She asked about contractions and I described my B-Hs, and made the connection between lifting Victor so much and bringing on spates of B-H and that’s why she checked my cervix, just to be sure too. Imagine that. Someone responsive to the conditions I’m talking about! She didn’t just dismiss it all as “Oh B-H are routine and normal especially in a second pregnancy.” No. She took me seriously and made sure everything was okay.

My BP was a little up at first too, in fact, and she had me rest a little after doing all the other exam foo and came back to check it later. I’d rushed down the hall to give my pee pee sample and was flustered about some other things. It came back normal after I’d had a chance to calm down.

We also had a mild scare from the scales. I was in a different room than usual, and BOTH of the scales weighed me at 226 instead of somewhere in the 240s. Visions of poor fetal growth flashed through my head, and I was envisioning an emergency ultrasound to check on Pip’s size. But the CNM, just calmly took me next door to use the scale I usually use, and sure enough, that one had me at 248. I’d just eaten a big ole lunch, so it was probably a little higher than usual, since I usually take morning appts before I’ve had breakfast.

Basically, everything is fine, I enjoyed talking to the CNM and I’m so pleased I don’t need additional bloodwork. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on, was the mild cramping and tiny amount of spotting from the internal. I really hate internal checks.


  1. That is wonderful to hear hon! I don’t know what I would have done without Mabel myself. CNM’s are fantastic aren’t they? They actually give a crap about you as a person, instead of just another patient. Hope things continue to go well for you!

    Comment by Veronica — Tuesday, 24th May, 2005 @ 19:58

  2. The CNM sounds awesome! Reminds me of the CRNP that takes care of me and Sam, who deals with us as whole people.

    Comment by Keet — Wednesday, 25th May, 2005 @ 4:28

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