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Tuesday, 24th May, 2005

29 Weeks – Pop Again

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So over the weekend I popped again. This time from just ‘showing’ to ‘hello basketball’ at least it looks that way from the top. Very definitely pregnant-looking now and my shirts are starting to protest, though not too badly. They’re just slowly inching up along my belly, instead of falling mostly to my hips now and they’re more form-fitting than they were. All of my button-downs are now out of the question and my tailored pants are done. I need stuff with stretch from now until delivery!

Thankfully, that describes most of my summer clothing so it’s not an issue. Once again, no need to shop Maternity, though I may pick up some shirts that are a size up, just in case I suddenly start showing off my midriff in the next few weeks by accident.

29 weeks today – and it seems like last week just zoomed right on by. We’ve got our next prenatal visit later on today – I’ll have more news on that after we get home.

Other than popping out, not much has changed except for my fatigue level. Just like last time, I’m starting to tire out much more quickly as the third trimester progresses. I fell asleep on the couch while Sabs was cooking dinner last night and Vic couldn’t wake me up. I slept for just under an hour I think, and then a full 8 hours through the night, mostly (barring a Vic wake-up for his drink excruciatingly early this morning) and I was wiped out when I got up this morning. Bleary and out of it.

Pip continues to be very, very regular. I say this on every update and it’s just not changing. The only thing that changes, in a good way, is the strength of his/her movements. They’re more and more noticeable, and much more intense, largely vertical in axis, though there’s occasional drift from side to side. My belly is starting to poke out when the little one moves/kicks, though Sabs says he still can’t feel it all from the outside. I can feel it both from the inside and in my hand when I rest it over little feet and hands.

And … still carrying, low, low, low, with lots of pressure down below, frequent and strong Braxton-Hicks and increasingly annoying backache from the strain of having so much basically hanging off so far down.

Got my fingers crossed that I passed the 1-hour GTT and everything will continue to be routine from here on out. There’s still my lovely favorite to look forward to: the Group B Strep test. Blech, blech, blech. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it was last time. It’s not supposed to hurt at all, after all.

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