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Monday, 4th April, 2005


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Well I really popped out this weekend. I had on one of my super-baggy t-shirts on and you could still see the Happy Baby Belly curve going on. Whee.

I guess this explains all the cravings for fatty foods – Pip was having a growth spurt! One of many that will continue to happen over the course of the next ~19 weeks.

I’m indulging baby a little this morning by having a cinnamon roll instead of my usual Cheerios. I’ll probably still have some cereal later, but gosh does this roll ever taste good.

I’ve been trying to be very careful about fat intake during this pregnancy, but the grilled turkey breasts and green veggies that are supposed to be so good for me and the baby and which I’d normally enjoy, taste like ashes in my mouth without a good dose of … cream sauce. I’ll continue to be judicious about my amounts and make my white sauce with low-fat milk instead of cream, but I guess we’re really at that point of “bring on the butter” in this pregnancy. Heh.

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