18 Weeks

More barfing today. It leaves me weak and shaky the barfing. Probably the worst part of being pregnant other than the later discomfort of being simply huge.

My abdomen is starting to pop out even more though and firm up nicely. Sabs noticed last night while we were chatting right before I went to bed and smiled up at me, patting my tummy.

“Hi Pip, hello in there,” he said gently and hugged and kissed me good night.

I’m getting excited about our ultrasound next week. Our first glimpse of Pip, our first clue to what he or she will look like. I still look at Vic’s ultrasound pictures today and marvel at how much we could see. The shape of his jaw, the way he holds his head.

He still likes to sleep with his hands up by his face … knees tucked up to his chest.

I wonder what clues we will get about Pip …

My babies. 🙂

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  1. Heidi

    I’m looking forward to seeing the ultrasound pics!

  2. Meg

    Aww! That must be so cool to see the baby! My brother just saw his kid, too, on their ultrasound. Awesome stuff!

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