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Wednesday, 4th May, 2005

26 Weeks

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Twenty-six weeks. Time is flying by. One more full week after this one and the third trimester starts, the home stretch to birthing day. July 12th is Safety Zone day – the start of the 37th week, when most babies are considered full-term. Every week between now and then though, is an increase in viability, just in case anything does go wrong. I’m doing my best to stave off potential problems though by continuing to pay close attention to my diet and water intake, though there’s not much I can do about the relative lack of rest.

Pip continues to be Regular Baby, though this week has heralded even stronger kicking and stretching and hiccups. They’re just on a schedule, so unlike Vic’s constant motion. It scares me sometimes, because I’m used to Vic’s pattern. The stillness from Pip seems odd to me. It just brings home the idea that every baby, every pregnancy is unique.

Now I’m going to say this again, just so that’s it clear, because certain people have been asking. Even if Pip turns out to be a girl….

Please, don’t go crazy with pink. We’ve got lots of blue and yellow and white and a little bit of spicy orange and that’s what we’re sticking with. Truth is we’ve got plenty of clothes. Plenty. I barely thinned out Vic’s collection at all between donations to charity and friends and only a few pieces were stained beyond ability to use for daily wear.

Grand-parents and friends who want to give gifts – look at the wishlists, it’s all there. If you want to get together for a Big Something … the stroller and car seat are real bona fide needs. We need a car seat to bring Pip home from the hospital in and I’ll need a nice robust stroller to use for either Pip or Vic when picking Vic up from school. Gifts are completely optional , though always appreciated.

And yes, we really DO NOT KNOW whether Pip is a boy or a girl. We have no idea, no clue. They were unable to tell at the ultrasound, Pip kept his/her legs tightly closed. There was no open view as with Vic who was proud to let it all hang out. Even with Vic, I still had doubts because it could have been cord swishing about between baby’s legs so I thought of the results as ‘highly likely a boy’ but not definite. Without doing an amnio, there is no certain way to determine baby’s gender ahead of time. Ultrasound just isn’t that accurate.

Co-Sleeping Aid

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Okay now this co-sleeping pillow/aid is really cool. This is -exactly- the sort of thing I kept thinking about rigging up with Victor after a few weeks with pillows along the side of the bed. I kept thinking to myself “a bolster … we need a bolster we can affix to the bed.” And that’s exactly what they’re making, only safer because it’s part of an undersheet so there’s nothing for baby to slip under or any ties to strangle on.

All the ideas I had involved tying the bolster at the head and foot of the bed. The fact that it’s got that nice thick padding all around too is great for catching breastmilk leakage, drool and so on. Very nifty product.

Monday, 2nd May, 2005


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Pip must be going into growth spurt mode. I’m starting to really feel my appetite kick into gear. I bought snacks last week – yogurt and jello and rice cakes and fruit. I forgot to bring peanut butter in though for protein.

Today so far: 1 bowl of Cheerios with strawberries n’ milk. 1 banana, 1 strawberry yogurt, 3 rice cakes.

Still hungry.

Where’s the chocolate?


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