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Tuesday, 8th March, 2005

18 Weeks

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More barfing today. It leaves me weak and shaky the barfing. Probably the worst part of being pregnant other than the later discomfort of being simply huge.

My abdomen is starting to pop out even more though and firm up nicely. Sabs noticed last night while we were chatting right before I went to bed and smiled up at me, patting my tummy.

“Hi Pip, hello in there,” he said gently and hugged and kissed me good night.

I’m getting excited about our ultrasound next week. Our first glimpse of Pip, our first clue to what he or she will look like. I still look at Vic’s ultrasound pictures today and marvel at how much we could see. The shape of his jaw, the way he holds his head.

He still likes to sleep with his hands up by his face … knees tucked up to his chest.

I wonder what clues we will get about Pip …

My babies. 🙂

Wednesday, 2nd March, 2005

17 weeks

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Appointment this morning happened a little late – partly our fault for not getting up and out the door on time, partly delays at the doctor’s office.

Doc was very happy I had my thyroid numbers with me and urged me to get my other prenatal labs done as soon as possible. I’m hoping that will happen this week – there’s a lab about 15 minutes away from work by bus, so I may be able to do it over lunch hour.

Today’s results:

BP: normal
Weight: 234lbs (up 3 from last month)
Urine: normal

And the baby is down low, with a nice strong, steady heartbeat. It might just be me but this one seems slower than Vic’s was. Vic was a very, very active baby and his heart just galloped away in there. The doctors had to chase him all over my abdomen too.

While I continue to feel flutters of activity, so far this baby seems to be staying put a bit more.

Dare I hope for a mellower personality? 😉

I scheduled our routine ultrasound this morning. It will be on Friday, March 18th at 8:15am, so I should have pretty pictures for y’all not long after that.

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