Dear Julien … Letters to my second son.

Monday, 7th February, 2005


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Just feeling generally blah today, though overall, I’m starting to feel better. Not so nauseated and my energy level is starting to pick back up.

I haven’t felt like doing much of anything for the past few weeks. The desire to get out and about and do is starting to creep back into my consciousness.

I keep feeling more Braxton-Hicks, usually after a brisk walk, long or short or being on my feet for too long, and flutters that I think are probably hiccups, not kicks.

The top of my belly is popping out more and more, but I’m still not technically ‘showing’.

Wednesday, 2nd February, 2005


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Heard Pip’s heartbeat today for the first time. It’s nice and strong, though doc had to chase him/her around to find the beat.

I had a tense moment when she couldn’t find it, but then, we couldn’t hear Vic’s the first time either so she probably would have done a quick early U/S to find it.

As it stands, she did, so no early U/S, so no early pictures.

Y’all will just have to wait until the 18 wk U/S in March:)

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