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Tuesday, 7th June, 2005

31 Week Prenatal

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Another good prenatal visit. Everything’s tracking along as it should be – the third trimester growth spurt is definitely underway.

Weight: 250 lbs
Fundal Height: 31cm (See the big jump there? See? See? )
BP: 128/80
Urine: Good

Heart beat in the 140s, low and to the left of my belly button and Pip appears to be head down by feel.

And I can’t say enough how much I love the C.N.M in the practice. She rocks. She’s just so attentive and listens carefully to everything I have to say and is considerate and caring and it’s just such a difference from doctor-care, no matter how good my OB usually is too.

She checked my ankles for edema, and followed up on the Braxton-Hicks, asked lots of questions about them and how they feel. We talked more about my fast labor history and she counseled coming in ASAP, as we’ve planned, if I feel even the slightest twinges going on in my back. She also said something along the lines of “And don’t let the advice nurse pooh-pooh you either, given your history. You just come right on in, so you don’t have that baby in the car.”

She so totally rocks.

She even did a little bit of extra doppler checking, about where exactly Pip’s heartones were coming from and what their quality was like, so she could give me an idea of where he/she is lying. She said that when it sounds whooshier and you hear it more to the side rather than the top, that means that the baby is probably lying along my back, since you can hear the heart better through the -baby’s- back. Interesting huh? So Pip is curled up along my spine, head-down and that explains why I keep seeing baby buttinski out my front 🙂

Tuesday, 24th May, 2005

29 Week Prenatal

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All sorts of good things first:

1) I passed the GTT. With flying colors. Blood sugar was even lower than last time. 109 then, 91 this time. Well below the 139.

2) Thyroid – also good, 1.481 – well within range, and even on the good side, since the lower numbers indicate good metabolic function. This, me hearties, is why I lose weight and feel so good when pregnant, once the morning sickness has gone buh-bye.

3) Weight gain is good – 6lbs up from last time.

4) BP normal.

5) Fundal height normal.

6) Cervix – long, thick n’ closed.

We saw the new CNM in the practice today and wow. What a difference a CNM makes! She actually talked with me about our sleep issues with Victor and stressed the importance of a routine for me. She also told me that I really shouldn’t be picking him up that much anymore and that when I do, I should squat to lift him. It may sound like she was lecturing a lot, but what she did was ask a lot of questions about our overall family dynamic, how my workstation at work is set up, and so on and so forth. Basically getting y’know, a more complete picture of me as a patient.

She asked about contractions and I described my B-Hs, and made the connection between lifting Victor so much and bringing on spates of B-H and that’s why she checked my cervix, just to be sure too. Imagine that. Someone responsive to the conditions I’m talking about! She didn’t just dismiss it all as “Oh B-H are routine and normal especially in a second pregnancy.” No. She took me seriously and made sure everything was okay.

My BP was a little up at first too, in fact, and she had me rest a little after doing all the other exam foo and came back to check it later. I’d rushed down the hall to give my pee pee sample and was flustered about some other things. It came back normal after I’d had a chance to calm down.

We also had a mild scare from the scales. I was in a different room than usual, and BOTH of the scales weighed me at 226 instead of somewhere in the 240s. Visions of poor fetal growth flashed through my head, and I was envisioning an emergency ultrasound to check on Pip’s size. But the CNM, just calmly took me next door to use the scale I usually use, and sure enough, that one had me at 248. I’d just eaten a big ole lunch, so it was probably a little higher than usual, since I usually take morning appts before I’ve had breakfast.

Basically, everything is fine, I enjoyed talking to the CNM and I’m so pleased I don’t need additional bloodwork. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on, was the mild cramping and tiny amount of spotting from the internal. I really hate internal checks.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2005

Prenatal Visit – 25 Weeks

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Had another appointment today with the new doctor in the practice. At this point, I don’t feel like I need to see any of the others. I’ve no desire to see the doc who actually delivered Vic and I’m not sure if the CNM on staff does regular OB visits.

Everything is just fine, is the upshot. I talked to her about all the B-H and she encouraged me to try harder to drink more water. I’m giving it my best shot. I usually manage to get in at least the 64 ounces, plus other beverages. But I’ve been de-hydrated and I know it and that’s likely where all of the extreme B-H are coming from.

Weight: 242, just 1lb gained
Fundal height: 25cm
Heartbeat: 130-140
BP: 120/78
Urine: normal

Pip was pretty quiet this morning and hanging out down low. Doc tried to find him/her up higher first and I told her that I’m carrying low and sure enough, low and down on the right was the Pipling.
I continut to feel most of the bumping ‘down yonder’ with fleeting kicks to my stomach. I can feel the hard curve of a head down low sometimes.

Once I ate, Pip perked up and got back on the normal schedule of letting me know she/he is around after meals.

Wednesday, 30th March, 2005

21 Weeks

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Appointment today went very well – nothing abnormal to report from the bloodwork I had done 2 weeks ago and the ultrasound looks good to the doc.

My due date has not been adjusted much – they tweaked it to a day earlier, so we’re still on target for the first week in August, just in time for Mom and Dad’s 34th wedding anniversary.

Baby’s heartbeat was strong and steady in the 150s.

I’m weighing in at 241lbs, which is just about right for baby weight gain at this stage.

Measuring right on target too at 25cm fundal height.

Got my paperwork for the GD test – need to do that between April 17th and May 8th and needs to be done at least a week before my 28 week appt. I’ll probably do that the last week of April on a the weekend so that I don’t have to have a blood draw done the day of, or the day before Vic’s birthday party. Doc is tracking my thyroid more closely this time – they want a test done on that every trimester, so I’ll get that done when they do my GD test too.

After my next appointment, we start going every 2-3 weeks instead of every month and in early July we’ll start going every week.

Friday, 18th March, 2005


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Pip is a very mellow baby. She/he did not oblige us with a view of relevant parts for identification of gender. In fact, Pip pretty much stayed put in one place, happily hanging out waving an arm at us, yawning or hiccuping the entire time.

There’s a perfect little heart beating as well as everything that should be, where it should be, working away. Growth is just about right on target, though Pip is measuring ‘ahead’ by about a week. The tech said that Pip weighs 13oz give or take 2, so we’re just shy of the pound mark. Pip is also already firmly head down – he/she really didn’t move much during the entirety of the ultrasound except to wave in irritation when the u/s wand would stay put for too long. At least, that’s what it looked like to me. This probably explains why I’ve been feeling flutters in my stomach – when Pip is active, those little feet are pummeling away at my innards! Babies can still flip around a lot at this stage, but it’s pretty heartening to see the kiddo so attached to the head-down position 😉

We also stopped by the lab (and waited forever) to get a bunch of lab work done that I should have done a while ago. It’s all taken care of now … seven vials of blood later. Sheesh.

Here’s two face shots of Pip:

Pip's Ultrasound 1

Pip's Ultrasound 2

And here’s Vic’s 18 week face shot:

Victor's Ultrasound

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