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Friday, 29th July, 2005

False “Backache”?

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All through the ride home and now as I sit here chilling out with my feet up in air conditioned comfort, I’ve had regular backache that comes and goes. It’s not strong at all, but it is rhythmic and I keep feeling pulling – like the ‘bootstrap’ B-H contractions I had with Vic, down yonder.

I just don’t know anymore. In some ways I’ve given up trying to figure out what the signs of labor are for this pregnancy, because it keeps fooling me. I’m just going to keep chilling out and if I get any bloody show or my water breaks, I’ll call Sabs and make a run for Berkeley.

38 Week Prenatal

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Not much progress since last week – not quite another cm of dilation despite all of the false labor. The CNM could also ‘bounce’ the baby’s head up and down (ow), but she’s durn sure that’s a head there, not a butt, so that’s cool. Just means … no ultrasound. Heh. She was encouraging though, reminding me that second labors are a very different animal from first ones. In a first delivery, being able to bounce the head means the baby isn’t fully engaged and hence labor isn’t imminent. In a second, it doesn’t mean much of anything because babies can float around more the second time around.

This pretty much jives with what I’ve been observing – Pip will engage and drop way down low, ride my spine/bottom/cervix for a while, then bounce up a little. The baby’s feet will pummel me at my mid-section while he/she is engaged, then later on I’ll feel butt and feet under my ribs again.

Anyway, she still thinks that when I do go, I’ll go fast, based on the effacement and prior history. I just sincerely hope that Pip arrives slightly before or by due date, because if I go over, my parents will be leaving on the 13th and we won’t have any extra help. It was hard to schedule their trip because Mom really wanted to be here for the birth and I went a little early last time so I had to make a best guess about the window of opportunity. We’ll see how it plays out. Right now I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sunday. Lughnasadh. Wouldn’t that be a fun birthday? 🙂

This week’s stats:

BP: Forgot to ask the nurse for the numbers but it was good.

Fundal Height: Forgot about the numbers again, but normal/on track.

Urine: Good.

Weight: 257 (down 3lbs from last week, this is often a sign of labor around the corner though it could also reflect fluid loss and the different office scales since our appt. was in Orinda this week, not Berkeley.)

Baby’s Heartbeat: 120s until the CNM poked Pip awake and it bounced up into the 130s. That was kind of funny to hear. Ba-dum, ba-dum, real relaxed and then she goes poke, poke in my side and there was a slight skip and then a pickup before slacking off again. This reminds me of when we had the ultrasound at 20 weeks and Pip didn’t want to be bothered to roll over for the tech. The whole ‘whatever, I’m sleeping, attitude.’

Next two appts scheduled for 39 and 40 weeks – the 5th and 12th of August. If I am still babyless on the 12th I will NOT be a happy camper.

I’m walking around with yet more low-level contractions and nagging back pain. It will be very, very good to be at home from here on out so I can rest. All this false labor is just taking too much out of me and I have a lot to do to get our house ship-shape for the little one.

Wednesday, 27th July, 2005


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Dragged myself into work today despite a muscle-pull in my right thigh, extreme fatigue and tons of pressure down low that made walking even more difficult.

I had mild contractions every 15 minutes or so for the entire train ride home. On the walk from the bus stop to Vic’s school, the pressure increased and I could feel Pip’s head pressing down hard and lots of twingeing through the whole area but no more contractions. Those pressure feelings keep coming and going though even with me sitting here quietly with my feet up.

I find myself hoping for action tonight. I’m just so tired out from all the starting/stopping of contractions and trying to juggle that with work.

Tuesday, 26th July, 2005

38 Weeks

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Thirty-eight weeks today and more false labor. I’m getting really really tired out from it too. I stayed home today out of sheer exhaustion and an irritated stomach.

No baby yet, just lots of contractions that don’t get stronger and longer and are annoying enough to notice, but not quite painful either.

I think we can officially call this prodromal labor now? Yeah?


Sunday, 24th July, 2005

Still Here

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All contractions died down completely after 8pm last night and didn’t recur except for one incident in the dead of night that woke me up and didn’t repeat after a trip to the bathroom and many minutes spent staring blearily up at the ceiling.

Pip’s been very quiet this morning though. There was some light kicking first thing this morning at the usual time, but otherwise not much in the way of movement.

We’ll see what today brings.

If I wind up having two weeks of prodromal labor I might get really pissy. Though in the end, smooth, easy labor and healthy baby would be worth it.

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