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Beth's New Baby Basics

I'm writing this list for a bit of fun and hopefully also to serve as something useful for those who are still expecting and getting ready for baby. Perhaps it'll be a reminder to myself too, in the event that we should have another baby someday.:)

There are lots and lots of lists out there describing basic needs for babies, mine will be one among dozens, yet each list is slightly different if only because the needs of each baby are slightly different and each parent's way of preparing is different.

During my pregnancy I was often plagued with restlessness about being ready. I had a lot of nesting days where I'd worry endlessly about whether or not we had everything that we needed for the baby. This list represents the things that I actually have needed and used, rather than the list in my mind that plagued me during pregnancy.

I forget now who said it to me, but someone said that all you really need to take care of a baby are a pair of loving arms, two breasts and some diapers. While those won't cover every necessity, it's not too far off really, when you get right down to it.



It may seem like there are a lot of things missing off this list, but these are the items that I have found the most useful and really wouldn't want to be without, given my own needs and Vic's particular personality. I hope that some of what I say will be useful to others too.:)