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Approaching Eight

Dear Victor, It's been quite the ride for the past few years and for the most part, I haven't written here, but elsewhere, often in ... .more.

Posted by Beth @ 09:11 AM PST
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Big Boy Bed

Dear Victor, For over a week now, you've been going to sleep in your own big boy bed. You just up and decided you were ... .more.

Posted by Beth @ 01:10 AM PST
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Birthday Party

Victor's party went pretty well, though we had much lower attendance than anticipated which resulted in much larger quantities of leftover food than anticipated. We'll ... .more.

Posted by Beth @ 07:32 PM PST
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Happy Fourth Birthday!

Dear Victor, Today I checked the forecast for the rest of the week to make sure we'd have clear weather for your birthday. Your fourth ... .more.

Posted by Beth @ 11:44 PM PST
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Three and a Half

Dear Victor, I've been rather lax in writing to you here, but you've passed your half-birthday and are cruising in on four rather more rapidly ... .more.

Posted by Beth @ 05:07 PM PST
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