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Monday's Child is fair of face
Tuesday's Child is full of grace
Wednesday's Child is full of woe
Thursday's Child has far to go
Friday's Child is loving and giving
Saturday's Child must work hard for a living
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Turkey Al Fresco
This year my family has traveled West to visit with us for Thanksgiving and it's promising to be a very unique experience for all of ... .more.

23 November 2005 12:58 PM PST

Three and a Half to One
Scuff, scuff, scuff, step, echoes off the pavement as we walk home together from school pushing baby Julien in the stroller. Each of the scuffs ... .more.

09 November 2005 12:46 PM PST

First Rain
Last night the clouds gathered above the town, swirling gray masses that stacked higher and higher as cool gusts of wind blew through the trees ... .more.

21 September 2005 07:34 AM PST

Summer Cuisine
Because it is summer and it is hot out and we have a newborn and a busy three-year old to contend with, we have not ... .more.

16 August 2005 09:22 PM PST

Now We Are Four
I'm sitting in my computer chair, with a baby slung across my body in a ring sling and a cool breeze wafting in through the ... .more.

14 August 2005 05:02 PM PST