Last week, temperatures were hovering in the upper 50s for the highs and lows in the upper 30s with at least one night where it did freeze. This week, it’s been positively balmy and today really took the cake: 70 degrees in the afternoon when I took the kids to the playground to get some fresh air and give Mark some space to set up our Christmas train yard/support for the tree.

Victor and Matthew were both running around in short sleeved shirts and quite comfortably, though they did both have sweatshirts in the car just in case it got chilly. Julien was overdressed for the weather in a turtleneck and lined pants. Between the extra layering and all the running around they were doing, he was sweating and getting uncomfortable. One just doesn’t expect California-style weather in mid-December in this part of the world. Apparently, this is due to an El Nino effect and will last for another week or so, before storms brewing in Alaska will usher in something more like what’s the usual very late autumn/nearly winter weather.

In the meantime, instead of sporting thermal underwear, sweaters, and coats when we go out, my kids are enjoying the unexpected warm spell and the extension of playground time. I’ll take it as an early Christmas present and also hope that this means clear roads for getting to the birth center when baby Michael decides to make his grand debut.

Kids on the playground